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Trojans athletics

Wissahickon High School


Trojans athletics

Wissahickon High School

Trojans athletics

Wissahickon High School

Trojans athletics

Wissahickon High School

2023-2024 Athletics Information

2023-2024 Athletics Information

Start Dates for 2023-2024 Sport Seasons

Click here to read the WHS Student-Athlete Handbook


Any student who wishes to try out for a sports team during the 2023-2024 school year MUST complete the steps below in order to participate.

Please submit all completed and signed forms to the Athletics and Activities Office located near the Natatorium in the high school.

  1. Complete and submit a WHS Athletic Eligibility Record Form at the beginning of each sports season.
  2. Complete and submit PIAA Form Sections 1-6 with Section 6 completed and signed by your physician (with medical license #). All physical exams must be given on or after June 1, 2023 through May 31, 2024. All student-athletes need a new PIAA physical each school year.
  3. Complete and submit a PIAA form Section 7 (Parent Recertification) and/or Section 8 (Doctor Recertification for injury clearance) if you are a returning student-athlete who participated on a sports team during the Fall season. Student-athletes should have previously submitted PIAA Form Sections 1-6 prior to the fall sports season.
  4. All obligations must be cleared from previous seasons before you are eligible to participate in a new sports season.
  5. All student-athletes must complete a baseline concussion test. This baseline test will be coordinated with your coach and our athletic trainer, Pete Rooney, when pre-season practice begins.
  6. For any student who is currently enrolled in Wissahickon Virtual Academy (WVA), a cyber-charter school, a charter school, or home-educated, please complete and return the WSD Extracurricular Program Participation Packet.


Athletics Eligibility and PIAA Forms for Student-Athletes

WHS Athletics Eligibility Form – one (1) per sports season

PIAA Forms – There are English and Spanish versions available below.



PIAA CIPPE Form Sections 1- 9

PIAA Form Sections 1-5


Concussion Management Information

Click here to view WSD Concussion Management and Sudden Cardiac Arrest policies

Click here to view and print the Concussion Management Brochure

Click here to view and print the Heads Up Concussion Information Guides

Click here to view and print the Concussion in the Student Athlete Power Point Presentation

Click here for Teach Aids Crash Course for Concussions.

Concussion Impact Test

Athletes who have to take the impact test:

  • All Freshman
  • Any athlete who did not take impact test last year.
  • Any athlete who has not taken test for the high school.
  • Any athlete who had a concussion last year.


Instructions to take Impact Test at Home

Go on: and enter the school ID#: 985b7c53c2

  1. Take Test
  2. You do not need to input your address or e-mail.
  3. When test is completed there will be a confirmation screen.
  4. Take a screen shot of your confirmation page. 
  5. Close out window.
  6. Test is completed.

Please contact Mr. Rooney if you have any questions.



After School Bus Information

Activity Bus #1

Activity Bus #2

Activity Bus #3

Activity Bus #4

Fan Expectations for Sporting Events

Security Protocol for Sporting Events

Transportation Waiver