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Wissahickon Trojans

Wissahickon High School


Wissahickon Trojans

Wissahickon High School

Wissahickon Trojans

Wissahickon High School

2019-20 Athletics Information

All students planning to try out for a team during the 2019-20 school year MUST complete the following:

  1. If this is the first sports team for you this school year, submit the 2018-19 PIAA form (Sections 1-6) with the medical section 6 completedsigned and dated by a doctor.  All physical exams must be given on or after June 1st and they expire on May 31st of the same school year.   You need a new PIAA physical each year.
  2. (Winter & Spring Sports)  If you already turned in the PIAA form (Sections 1-6) for another sport earlier this school year, you just need to complete section 7 (parent recert) or section 8 (doctor recert if you were injured and haven't been cleared yet).  
  3. Complete and submit a WHS Athletic Eligibility Record prior to the beginning of practice.
  4. ALL Obligations must be cleared from previous seasons prior to beginning a new sports' season. 
  5. Lastly, any athlete trying out for sports will need to take the baseline concussion test prior to sports participation. This baseline test will be coordinated with your coach and our athletic trainer, Pete Rooney, once pre-season practice begins.

Please turn in all sports forms to the WHS Athletic Office (forms located under in the "2019-20 Forms" tab).


Start Dates for 2019-20 Sport Seasons:

Fall - Monday, August 12th (except Football grades 10-12: Monday, August 5th)

Winter - Monday, November 18th

Spring- Monday, March 2nd


After School Bus Information

Activity Bus #1

Activity Bus #2

Activity Bus #3

Activity Bus #4

Concussion Management Information

Concussion Information Sheet

Concussion in the Student Athlete - Power Point Presentation
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